Incoming students can take any regular course offered in the School and TWO courses provided by other Schools of the University. All students must fulfill the recommended/required previous knowledge for the courses that they wish to take. Please read the course descriptions carefully to ensure that you meet the requirements.

We use ECTS credits.

You can check the contents of the degrees lectured in ETSI Telecomunicación in the following links. Click on every course to check its contents.

You can also check the Spanish grading system here.

If you are considering doing an internship, please, obtain the NIE (foreigner identity number) required to be able to work in Spain. The process of obtaining it is much easier upon arrival than a few months later, so we recommend getting it as soon as you arrive.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The valid teaching semesters are those specified in this document. Some courses appear in AIRE in a different semester because the group of semester A is for repeaters only, and full teaching takes place during the semester in the doc.

NOTICE 1: Double Degree students can only take courses for their master’s. No courses of other master’s can be taken.

NOTICE 2: Bachelor level students can only take courses from the Master level if they are approved by MSc Directors. It is compulsory to upload a CV and ToR.

NOTICE 3: Students from Master’s level can take courses from Master’s and Bachelor’s level. IMPORTANT: If you want to keep studying for a Master’s in UPV, those courses you did here at a Bachelor’s level will not be recognized.

NOTICE 4: You can only get a UPV degree if you are a non-exchange student or an exchange student who accomplishes the special double-degree study plan.

NOTICE 5: If you want to take courses only in semester A for the: 1st-year MUIT, MUTSRC, or MUISE. Take into account that the examination period takes place in February and probably you will have no accommodation for such a short period. We recommend you stay the whole academic year.


If you are thinking of picking a course from a different faculty, it may be REALLY DIFFICULT to get it. Please have more than one option. EVEN SHIFT YOUR STAY TO SEMESTER B.

You can check course restrictions from other faculties here.

Please remember that you should check the availability and deadlines in every course and every other UPV School you want to register. You can request a maximum of TWO courses from every other school of the UPV.

Please remember that we do not offer courses in automatics or bioelectronics-bioengineering.

If you want to apply for courses lectured in English in other schools, you have to hold a B2 English certificate. If you apply for courses lectured in Spanish, a B2 Spanish certificate is required. You have to upload these documents to your online application.

You will know whether you are accepted or not once you arrive in Valencia.

Please notice that the available courses for exchange students could differ from the complete list and content links provided.

  • Info: The academic offer of for the coming years will only be fully shown from July 1 each year.
    Before this date, only courses approved at that moment will be displayed.
  • If you want to see more information about the course, copy and paste the subject code in the following link: Search for subjects


All courses are lectured in Spanish. We offer the whole second year of the Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering (2234) in English.

If your courses in English belong to other schools, acceptance depends on their availability. Enrollments are usually confirmed at the beginning of the semester (September and February). B2 level of English for courses lectured in English and B2 Spanish for courses lectured in Spanish. Check the course restrictions here

You can check the contents and languages available for every course by clicking on the name of every course as explained before.


All incoming exchange students MUST prove of their sufficient knowledge of the Spanish Language by means of certificate/statement of having achieved level A2 (CEFR) of Spanish at least. This document can be handed in upon arrival. We accept your home institution certificate.

If the student’s actual language abilities do not correspond those mentioned above, they will not be accepted in the Spanish language regular courses offered by the university, and could be refused enrolment upon arrival at UPV.

NOTICE: Although the minimum required level is A2, most Schools/Faculties at UPV may have higher requirements. Applicants are strongly encouraged to reach at least a B1 level before arriving at UPV in order to follow the university courses taught in Spanish. The Spanish intensive course offered on our campus in Gandia can help the student meet the required level, but it is not enough by itself, as it only provides 50 hours of teaching.

Exceptions can be considered if the applicant intends to do ONLY project work (bachelor or master thesis, etc.) supervised in English or another language. A letter or email explaining this circumstance should be enclosed with the application documents. These students cannot participate in the regular Spanish language courses, which begin at the A2 level of CEFR.