Your Home International Office will request you two documents:
The Certificate of Attendance and the Academic Certificate.

We provide the two documents in one that contains both. It is electronically signed so you do not need a hard copy. To get it, please follow the directions in the document “How to get a transcript of records at the end of your stay”.
CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE: This document officially states the starting and ending dates of your exchange stay at UPV. It issued at our office. Remarks:

  • Some universities have their own formats for the Certificate of Attendance. You usually handed them in at our office when you registered on your arrival at UPV. If you did not bring the documents then, please bring us those documents to be duly signed.

How to get the Certificate of Attendance:
You have two ways:

  • You can contact us with our contact form choosing the topic “Certificate of Attendance”, clearly indicating:
    • Full student name.
    • Full address to send the documents.
    • Arrival and ending dates.
  • Make an appointment in our office.


  • Please carefully take into account the clauses on your exchange contract. It explicitly states the conditions about the dates of signature, dates of issue, allowed finishing dates and other important details concerning your stay and funding. You are responsible for meeting such requirements.

This document officially states the marks and grades you got during your exchange stay at UPV and it is usually sent long after you leave Spain.
It is issued in English and Spanish languages, and gives the credits and marks in the UPV and ECTS formats.
Please remember: 1 ECTS credit = 25 teaching hours.

A table of equivalences is printed at the end of the certificate.
Marks takes long to be set. To avoid unnecessary e-mail and phone traffic, please follow the following procedure to request your Academic Certificate:

1st Access to your UPV intranet at the “Personal Information” section and check whether all your marks have been set.
2nd When all your marks were set, please get the documents explained above: “How to get a transcript of records at the end of your stay”.

  • If your university insists of having hard copies, You can contact us with our contact form choosing the topic “Academic recognition”, clearly indicating:
    • Full student name.-
    • Full address to send the documents.-
    • Arrival and ending dates.